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Our Guaranteed SOLD Price

Often homeowners can be displeased with the guaranteed price of their home, this is felt because it appears not to reflect the true value of the property. However, this price will intentionally be determined below market value to ensure we can deliver on our guarantee to you!

Please remember the purpose of this program is to guarantee the home will be sold, regardless. For clients needing to sell, the guarantee acts as a financial safety net. In most cases, the homes sell above the guaranteed price within the 90 days, in which case the guarantee was never needed. A fact is, very seldom is the guarantee needed!

To find out whether the guaranteed SOLD program is right for you, we recommend sitting down to discuss the details.  I am always happy to come to your home, provide you with a market evaluation and discuss all your real estate options.

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Wes Munro
Wes Munro