Wes Munro

About Wes,

I have always been intrigued and motivated by the Canadian Real Estate industry. I've been licensed with RECA in Alberta since 2001 and offer 23+ years of personally buying, and developing real estate investment properties which has influenced me into becoming the Real Estate Agent you would want to work with.  The biggest compliment I get as a Realtor occurs when clients refer their friends and relatives to work with me.  Thank you!

As a young man I was Educated and worked as a 3rd Class Power Engineer, Process Operator operating a Water Treatment Plant 25 years ago. Also, before jumping into Real Estate full time I enjoyed time at CP Rail like my Engineer father before me where I made numerous life long relationships whose friendships I hold dear to me.

Before, during and after this time I was buying real estate, renovating and managing my rental portfolio which led to my move to Calgary in the year 2000. Soon after my arrival in Calgary I became a Licensed Mortgage Associate. More knowledge and experience gained has provided a more in-depth understanding of Real Estate which now assists me as a Realtor to guide my clients during their Real Estate transactions where I can help them achieve their financial goals.

Having terrific Canadian and Calgary product knowledge is essential for my clients in offering solutions for their specific needs and success.  Efficient customer service, interpersonal skills, and genuine concern for client needs has ensured long-term relations  throughout my career.
I strive to obtain and maintain the highest degree of knowledge in the industry and offer First Class cutting edge marketing and service to provide the best possible experience for each individual client. 

A strong work ethic has helped provide many successes and numerous experiences.   Its very satisfying having the ability to negotiate on my clients behalf and nothing is more satisfying than being able to hand over the keys to a clients dream home.  The biggest benefit I have enjoyed is coming away with great friends and life long relationships.

There are a number of interests outside of work I enjoy, but  my greatest passion and motivation comes from my wife and three children.   
Some things I enjoy are the activities that involve my kids such as biking, golfing or perhaps skating  on the backyard rink each winter.  

Personally I played junior, college and European hockey.  Our family enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and of coarse golfing. 
I run a pre-season camp for boys hockey and girls ringette ( SkillzDrillz.ca ).  I have coached eight years  minor hockey, ringette and community soccer all of which enables me to be involved with my children’s love of sport.

One of my favourite quotes, “Success comes to those best prepared…”

Allow me to be a part of your successes,

Thank you,
Wes Munro
Wes Munro

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